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New World – Oakwood City

Our new custom Sims 3 world, a collaboration with home builder VectorVal is now available. Oakwood City is based on three different cities in the Northeast United States. Virtual cookies to anyone who can name them all.

This download requires the World Adventures and Ambitions Sims 3 expansion packs to work. Click here for more information and to download Oakwood City.

The Areca Islands Now Available

Our latest custom Sims 3 neighborhood, Areca Islands, is now available for download. It is inspired in part by the Seychelles and the creators imagination. The Areca Islands are a small group of islands making up a tropical resort town. The main island is a strange combination of old and new, with lovely homes with lavish views radiating from the town center.

Click here for more information about The Areca Islands and to download.

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Greenville Island now available

Our second custom Sims 3 neighborhood, developed with the Create A World tool, Greenville Island, is now available.

The download includes numerous pre-built community and residential lots. You must have the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack to use this custom neighborhood. It also includes objects from the free Sims 3 store Riverview download, but those are just decorations, the world will work fine without them.

For in depth information about Greenville Island, click here.

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