Oakwood City – Late Night Version

Here’s an updated version of our most recent custom Sims 3 world – Oakwood City – updated for the new Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack. Most of the lots in the downtown area have been replaced with mid and highrise buildings (residential and community). There are a bunch of clubs and bars for your Sims to hang out in, with all the venues required to have a successful band.

The downtown area also includes a number of empty high rise shells to build your own lots (for more on how to do this, we recommend starting with this thread over at MTS).

Obviously, this version of Oakwood City requires the Late Night expansion, but like the original version, you also need World Adentures, Ambitions, and Riverview.

Warning: This is a large world with over 200 lots on it. For more information about Oakwood City, click here.