The Areca Islands


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Areca Islands

Neighborhood Information

The Areca Islands is built on a large size map. There are a large number of lots (90 total) and plants – warning for those with slow computers. This neighborhood requires The Sims 3 World Adventures Expansion pack to play.

In addition, you must have the rabbit hole replacement rugs from Custom Sims 3 in your game before installing The Areca Islands. Without these none of the community lots that Sims disappear into will work. Without them, none of the following lots will be available: book store, grocery, diner, spa, school, theater, city hall, office building, stadium, science facility, military base, warehouse, police station, hospital and mausoleum.

The Areca Islands includes all base game spawners for beetles, butterflies, gems, rocks, meteors and fish, as well as many neighborhood effects and lots of decoration.


The Areca Islands custom neighborhood includes a total of 90 lots. Most of the residential lots impart the beautiful vista moodlet (between 30-100). Most of the residential lots have houses built on them and about half are furnished. Lots do not contain any custom content with the exception noted above.

Community Lots (23)

64 x 60 (1)
64 x 34 (2)
60 x 40 (1)
60 x 30 (2)
50 x 40 (2)
50 x 24 (1)
40 x 30 (3)
30 x 30 (11)

Residential Lots (67)

64 x 64 (3)
60 x 60 (9)
60 x 50 (4)
40 x 40 (8)
40 x 30 (10)
30 x 30 (6)
30 x 20 (8)
20 x 20 (19)