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Oakwood Update Pack and More

A commenter asked if we could post a set of the lots we used to update Oakwood City for Late Night. So here they are. A few are not included because the lot setup is slightly different in the original version, but this will cover most of them.

There are 22 lots included in this file – 8 bars/cubs (2 are updates of Shoddy Pub and Club Red), 5 community lots, and 9 apartment lots. Requirements are the same as Oakwood City Late Night version. Each new lot is titled to match its street address so you know where to put it.

Download Oakwood Late Night Lots
From 4Shared
From MediaFire

The Sims 3 Town team is going to be pretty much unreachable for the next two weeks, so if your comment gets stuck in moderation, please be patient – we’ll get through everything ASAP.

Oakwood City – Late Night Version

Here’s an updated version of our most recent custom Sims 3 world – Oakwood City – updated for the new Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack. Most of the lots in the downtown area have been replaced with mid and highrise buildings (residential and community). There are a bunch of clubs and bars for your Sims to hang out in, with all the venues required to have a successful band.

The downtown area also includes a number of empty high rise shells to build your own lots (for more on how to do this, we recommend starting with this thread over at MTS).

Obviously, this version of Oakwood City requires the Late Night expansion, but like the original version, you also need World Adentures, Ambitions, and Riverview.

Warning: This is a large world with over 200 lots on it. For more information about Oakwood City, click here.



New World – Oakwood City

Our new custom Sims 3 world, a collaboration with home builder VectorVal is now available. Oakwood City is based on three different cities in the Northeast United States. Virtual cookies to anyone who can name them all.

This download requires the World Adventures and Ambitions Sims 3 expansion packs to work. Click here for more information and to download Oakwood City.

Installing new neighborhoods

We’ve seen a couple of questions come through on how to install the custom Sims 3 neighborhoods on your computer. So here’s a quick run through of the process.

Installing custom worlds is very easy through use of the Sims 3 Launcher. This example uses our custom Sims3 neighborhood – the Areca Islands.

Step 1 – Download the file (we host with 4Shared and MediaFire)

Step 2 – Extract the file (using WinZip or whatever program you have)

Step 3 & 4 – Install the file (2 options depending on where you save it)

Step 3 – Option A: Save file to your Sims 3 downloads folder (location depends on your computer)

Step 4 – Option A: Open the Sims 3 Launcher, go to the Downloads tab, select the file, and click “Install”

Step 3 – Option B: Save file to desktop or other folder (wherever you want)

Step 4 - Option B: Open the file to install it

Click “Ok” once the file has installed.

Step 5 – Open the Sims 3 and create a “New Game”, selecting your new file for the town.

Step 6 – Play!

Sims 3 Ambitions News

In a good news, bad news situation, our world creator received the new Sims 3 Ambitions expansion pack as a gift. That’s the good news. The bad news is the Create A World tool isn’t working with it. So, until there’s an update, there won’t be any new worlds published.

Once Create A World is up and running we will be publishing new versions of Forest Hills, Greenville Island and the Areca Islands for Ambitions. And there are two other new worlds in production that will be published for those with and without Ambitions installed.