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Oakwood City Hall Reloaded

Since a couple of people have mentioned having trouble with the Oakwood City Hall, here’s an updated version. Bulldoze the original and plop this down at 11 Elm Street. It’s on a 60×60 lot if you want to use it without Oakwood. Like all of Oakwood, this lot requires The Sims 3 World Adventures & Ambitions expansion packs, and the Riverview objects.

Pinochle Pond Plus

This is a replacement lot for Pinochle Pond community lot in the Sims 3 Sunset Valley neighborhood. It still includes a pond with the same fish, but with lots of added fun. There’s a big explorable tomb below the park – and you have to find the entrance yourself. As with all tombs, unfortunately, they don’t reset so if you want to play with another family you’ll need to bulldoze the lot and replace it again from the library. This lot has been fully play tested and contains no custom content.

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Possibly Haunted House

Here’s another community lot – this one is classified as an art gallery. It’s actually an old house with some fun adventure opportunities. There are two floor and a basement that you have to gain access to. Some great treasure objects if you get through the whole thing. Everything has been play tested, but remember tomb objects don’t reset. If you want to play with multiple Sims 3 characters you’ll need to delete the lot and re-add it from the library.

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Forest Hills Modern Art Gallery

Looks like no one noticed we forgot to upload the Art Gallery Community lot for Forest Hills. Oops. Download this to give your Sims 3 residents some culture.

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Maywood Community Garden

Here’s a content sneek preview. This is a community lot, designed to replace the current Maywood lot. It includes space for reading/relaxing, a telescope, a small pond, and samples of the following plants: Apple tree, Bell pepper, Death flower, Flame fruit, Garlic plant, Grapevine, Lettuce plant, Life fruit, Lime tree, Omni plant, Onion plant, Potato vine, Tomato plant, and Watermelon.

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